Whether you are new to the care sector or long established, Phoenix Specialist Risk Solutions are on hand to cater to you.

We can deliver a comprehensive insurance programme that is assured to meet your unique requirements.

The first step is for us to understand the nature of your business and your individual business needs. We have a quotation form which asks all the questions we need in order to paint a rounded picture of your care sector needs and the cover you may require. Download and complete the form — the more detail you provide, the more tailored our solution can be.

You can download the quotation form here.

You can also return the form via email to info@phoenixsrs.co.uk

Or send it via post to:

Phoenix Specialist Risk Solutions
The Enterprise Centre
Denton Island
East Sussex

Is your insurance due for renewal? If you need us to work to a certain timescale, just let us know. We will do everything we can to work around you.

Call us today on 01273 977221 to talk to one of the team about your insurance needs, and we can provide you with your insurance quotation, without obligation.

Bind Cover

Once you’ve received our quotation, it remains valid for 30 days, meaning you can take your time in making your decision.

If there’s anything you aren’t sure about or if you do want to talk through the quote, we are on hand ready to answer your questions.

Once you are happy that our quote is the perfect cover for you we will commence the process of cover, for which we will go over the following with you:

• Check the expiry date of your current policy, so we can ensure you have continuous cover.

• Double check all the sums insured to ensure they are adequate.

• Who is the insured name. Is this a limited company, partnership, sole trader?

• Do you have your ELTO reference to hand? (E.G. 123/AB12345)

• Payment method: choose to pay in full or in monthly instalments.

Once we have completed the above, you will be provided with a secure area log-in. Your documents will be uploaded to your secure area for safe keeping. A copy of the documents will also be emailed to you.

Mid-Term Adjustments

Nothing stays still, needs are always changing, we get it. That’s why we make it easy for you to make mid term adjustments to your policy.

If you make a new purchase or something has changed to your business and you don’t tell us, it might not be covered, or it could invalidate your policy.

So the safe and easy thing to do is just give us a quick call, or let us know in an email. We will get straight back to you, letting you know what details we need from you in order to bring your cover back up to date.

If you have arranged to pay by instalments we will advise you on how the mid term adjustment affects these. If you paid in full we will be able to give you a single cost for the adjustment.


We all think it will never happen to me, but what if it does, what happens then? This is why you buy insurance for the peace of mind and to protect you if that ‘what if’ occurs.

The claims process can be daunting, experience tells you that this is where the insurance provider becomes a whole lot less helpful. Phoenix do things differently. We will guide you through the claims process, and we will keep you fully updated throughout. At Phoenix there’s no large faceless claims department, you’ll deal with one of our team — the same small team who set up your insurance policy.

When you need to make a claim we are here to listen and support you. We are on your side and we will work on your behalf to progress the claim forward and bring it to a swift conclusion.

It’s good to know…

Due to their nature, liability claims are usually a long-winded process. This can be frustrating, so we tell you from the outset about the complexity of your claim. We will agree timescales for updates with you. If you want an update between the agreed dates we will be happy to help.

Depending on their size, usually material damage claims are much quicker. Without a shadow of a doubt we will keep you updated on what is happening, and inform you of any progress as it happens.


We want every customer to be a happy one! A happy customer stays with the company they know, like and trust. We hope you have enjoyed your first year with us, and we hope that as a happy customer you want to stay with Phoenix once it’s time for renewal of your policy.

When your renewal is due, we start looking at your policy about six weeks in advance. We evaluate your risk profile and make any checks we need to, then we will get in touch with you. We want to make sure your policy is still appropriate to your requirements. We will start by checking your insured sums are still the right level of protection for you. We will then look at any other updates or additions you need to make to your policy — this is a good opportunity to add in anything you have forgotten to tell us about during the year.

At least four weeks prior to your renewal date we will provide you with your revised policy and terms. You’ll then get this time to review your updated policy and compare it with other providers across the market. If you have any queries about your policy or you think you might have found a better deal elsewhere, give us a call and we can discuss your options with you.

If you know you are going to be unavailable in the four weeks leading up to renewal just let us know and we can run through the process earlier so you have more time in advance to review the updated policy and make an informed decision.

Risk Management

Knowing and understanding your own business is risk management and sometimes you may need some extra support in identifying and managing your business risks.

Insurance in its very basic state is risk management. Above and beyond our insurance services, the team at Phoenix have knowledge in this area and are here for you. You can discuss a vast range of risk management topics with us. Where we can’t help or we both feel additional support may be required we have a number of partners and services which we can signpost you to, including;

  • Risk Management Advice
  • 24/7 Legal Advice and Support Line
  • Counselling Line
  • Claims Management and Reviews


Required Systems

Required Systems provide a whole host of materials which give you the structure and support to implement tighter quality systems into your business, from staff handbooks and health and safety manuals through to emergency contingency

planning and CQC audit tools. Their materials are always being updated, and they are tailored for assist Care Homes, Adults 18-65 with Mental/Physical, Nursing Homes, Domiciliary Providers, Assisted Living Providers and Independent Psychiatric

Providers to evidence compliance to the ever-changing legislation.


ProRisk Care

ProRisk Care are a proactive care management consultancy service. Designed to support you and your whole team in identifying, reviewing and implementing care quality risk management systems and processes. ProRisk consultants strive to introduce and nourish an organisational culture, vision and ethos of excellence in care.